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Improve your CAT Vocabulary with this beautiful app. It has 4000+ words with definition and examples,tests, flashcards, high frequency word list,favorite word list.
The different sections of CAT verbal are difficult to crack without the sound knowledge of Vocabulary.In sections like reading comprehension and sentence completion difficult words are used, you can do well if you have good grasp of CAT vocabulary.
This CAT exam app has following features.
* 4000+ words with definition and examples
* High frequency Words
* Synonyms
* Antonyms
* One Word Substitutions
* Idioms and Phrases.
* Sentence correction
* Flashcards.
* High frequency words are added to favorite word list.
* Navigation drawer to go to specific word list category easily.
* Offline pronunciation.
* Add word to Mastered list if you are familiar with that word.
* Search for words using intuitive search functionality.
Learning CAT Vocabulary also improves your English Vocabulary.
This app can be very helpful in your CAT preparation.
In CAT exam verbal plays a important role in your overall percentile, you can improve your verbal score by learning few words daily.
If you want high score high score in verbal your vocabulary should be very strong.



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